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Mountain Ring, Mountain Jewelry

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This dainty ring features two mountain peaks with an adjustable band that winds gently yet snugly around the finger. It is perfect for someone who loves both the great outdoors and jewelry. An accessory like this allows your interest to be part of any outfit, without being too over the top. This ring can either be worn on the "traditional" part of the finger (closest to the palm) or as a midi ring, further up the finger.
Each ring is handcrafted from sturdy copper-based wire and then gently and carefully hammered to add dimension and strength to the band. And the best part is that this ring is adjustable! The ends are not soldered together, but rather looped into open ends. This means that even if you can't quite remember the exact ring size that you need, or if the wearer loses or gains a bit of weight, this ring should still fit. Please note that you should still order as close as possible to the correct ring size needed (within 1-2 sizes off max), because if you order a size that is significantly different then it will likely not fit right.
There are four colors to choose from: copper, gold, silver and hematite gray.

This listing is for one handcrafted ring.

The copper colored ring is bare copper, and will oxidize over time (become a darker hue). The other available colors (silver, gold, hematite gray) are all silver plated wire with tarnish resistant coating. These will retain their color and shine for longer than the copper, though over time they may also fade to a duller color/shine.

Since these rings are adjustable, they will fit a few different sizes close to the size that you order. So for example, if you order a size 7, the ring will likely be able to adjust down to about a size 6 and up to a 7.5 or 8. This flexibility is great if you aren't quite sure of the finger size, or if the ring might be worn on different fingers from day-to-day.

Rings can be made anywhere between US size 3-10. If you are ordering as a knuckle ring, knuckle sizes are usually 2.5-3 sizes smaller than your regular ring size. Please note that since each ring is handcrafted, there will be slight variations and your ring may not look 100% like the one in the photo.

Please select your quantity, size and preferred color from the drop-down menus. If you are ordering more than one ring, you may need to add each ring to your cart individually if they are different colors or sizes.

Each ring is sealed in a clear envelope along with care instructions, and is nestled into a sturdy box before put into our shipping packaging. If you order two or three rings, they may all be placed in the same box.

This ring is adjustable, and made approximate to requested size. Adjust by squeezing tighter or tugging open. Please note that it is NOT a one-size-fits-all design; however, it should easily adjust to a size or two both higher and lower than designed (ie, if made as a size 7, it may adjust from a size 6-7.5).

It is normal for copper to oxidize over time, and for plated wire to become less shiny and fade. How long is dependent on how often it is worn, body chemistry and what the jewelry comes in contact with (perfume, lotions, etc). You may decide to embrace look, or you may wish to prevent it as long as possible. To extend the shine of your ring, do not expose ring to liquids and creams with chemicals, and avoid wearing when swimming or showering. After wearing your ring, wipe it off with a dry cloth, and store your ring in a closed container.

For some people, copper can react with water and body sweat over time and leave a green tinge on the skin. It should not be itchy or irritating, but to prevent this please ensure that you are not over-wearing your ring and that you care for it properly (care instructions are included with each ring).

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